Repeatable Processes for your Trello Boards

Take your teamwork to the next level by establishing, executing, and optimizing effective team workflows.

Add to Trello

Easy to Learn, Fun to Use

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Attach processes to any card

  • Break down complex work items into multiple tasks
  • Have a dedicated card automatically created for each task
  • Create processes from scratch or via templates (see below)
  • Adjust processes any time by adding, removing, or reordering tasks

Navigate tasks and update progress

  • Grasp progress of tasks and process execution at a glance
  • Navigate with one click between processes and tasks
  • Mark tasks as Open, Started or Done for transparency and to avoid double work

Establish task dependencies

  • Model dependencies between tasks
  • Let tasks hold until preceeding tasks are done
  • Benefit from automated state updates on dependant cards

Use templates for recurring tasks

  • Have a board with process templates for your team
  • Template tasks are regular Trello cards and can have task descriptions, attachments, and members associated
  • On instantiation of a template all cards and dependencies are copied over to your work board
  • Control write access to the template board to let your team refine processes autonomously or establish read-only templates

Updates states automatically

  • Grasp progress of process execution and tasks at a glance
  • Navigate with one click between processes and sub-tasks
  • Mark sub-tasks as Open, Started or Done to increase transparency and avoid double work