Process templates are only available on boards which belong to a team. If you have not done so far, create a team first. Then, do the following:

  1. For your team, create a new board that will hold all the templates and give it a name of your choice.
  2. For each template you want to have, create a new list on this board. The name of the list will become the name of the template.
  3. For each task in the template, create a card in the corresponding list. Whenever you will use a template later, all card with their titles, descriptions, attachments, assigned members, etc. will be duplicated on the target board and linked to the process card.
  4. To create a holding point in the template, simply create a card with name “—” (3x minus).

If you want to use templates on a particular board, go to “Power-Up Settings” in the board’s Processes for Trello Power-Up menu (or use the setup wizard if you are freshly installing the Power-Up). In the setup wizard, on the second last slide, you can set the template board to be the one created in step no. 1 above.

Now the templates should be displayed whenever you click the “Attach Process” button on a card. Note that all team members need to have at least read access to the template board to make it work. Give selected team members write to allow them to add new process templates or change existing ones.