There are a couple of things you can try:

  • Do you have any script blocking plugins installed? If so, try to temporarily disable them and see if this fixes the problem. Maybe your settings are too restrictive and exclude essential scripts of our Power-Up.
  • Do you have third-party cookies or web data storage disabled in your browser config? We need those to cache process information in the Power-Up. Please allow access for host “” in your browser settings. If these terms don’t have a meaning to you, then these settings are most probably okay.
  • On Power-Up activation, have you seen the config wizard? If yes, have you successfully performed the authorization step on the wizard, where you are asked by Trello if you want to grant the Power-Up access to your boards? If not, look for the “Authorize Account” sub-menu when clicking on “Processes for Trello” in the board’s “Power-Ups” section to grant the Power-Up access.

Despite extensive testing, there are sometimes special configurations and circumstances which may cause problems that we haven’t discovered so far. Don’t hesitate to use the contact form below and ask for support!