Template Variables are a way to automatically copy selected information from a parent card to certain child cards. This is done by including one or more of the following placeholders in a template card’s “name” or “description” fields.

Whenever a template is attached, placeholders are replaced by the value given in the following table:

PlaceholderReplaced byOther effects
{{parent:name}}parent card’s name
{{parent:desc}}parent card’s description
{{parent:labels}}empty stringCopies the parent card’s labels to the child card
{{parent:members}}empty stringCopies the parent card’s members to the child card
{{parent:due}}emptry stringCopies the parent card’s due date to the child card (read below to get important additional info on this one)

With {{parent:due}}, you can optionally append a time span to shift the date by, e.g. {{parent:due-1w6h}} will set the due date of the created card to be one week and six hours before the parent card’s due date.

Allowed time indicators are y (year), ‘M’ (month), ‘w’ (week), ‘d’ (day), ‘h’ (hour), and ‘m’ (minute). You can have ‘-‘ (before) and ‘+’ (after) as modifiers before the interval.